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The Sobriety Project uses the Yorkshire Waterways Museum, waterways and boats, community allotments, engineeering and woodwork shops and the cafe as resources for personal development and regeneration to disadvantaged people. These include young people excluded or at risk of exclusion from school, people and their families resettling from a custodial sentence, adults with learning and physical disabilities, people with mental health issues and people suffering from the negative impact of unemployment, low income or rural isolation. 

The project is socially inclusive and provides training programmes, work experience and volunteering opportunities on the boats, in the workshops and in the museum, community garden and cafe.

The Yorkshire Waterways Museum

Our allotment project consists of 8 allotment set out as one plot and fully fenced. It is an absolute showcase and is well maintained and has two 40' poly tunnels, a rest room with wood burning stove, a fantastic potting room and a pizza oven. The allotments are used as a training resource for excluded young people on alternative educations placements, adults with learning disabilities on an accredited employment training programme in partnership with East Riding Council. It is a popular project for volunteers who work hard all year round with the Allotment Supervisor and they enjoy the opportunities to be involved in a social environment in an outdoor setting where thay can contribute to improving their community.