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The Sobriety Project

The Sobriety Project (a charity) in East Yorkshire uses the Yorkshire Waterways Museum, vessels, nature trail, community gardens, healthy eating café and allotments as resources for personal development and training for disadvantaged people in a deprived community.

The disadvantaged people include adults with learning disabilities, young people at risk of exclusion or excluded from school, people re-settling from custodial sentences and low income families.

The organisation has been proactive in developing projects that impact positively on the lives of people in the Goole community and surrounding areas and supports local people to tackle local issues.

Heritage is at the heart of our activities and a unique innovative way to support people who typically would not be culturally active. The outcomes of its activities improve community cohesion, improve life chances in disadvantaged people and help people identify and solve their own problems.

The Sobriety Project is a community hub working with the hardest to reach community groups and individuals and works in innovative ways to achieve its aims and objectives.

The project works from a grass roots level and is able to deliver national indicators and local priorities cost effectively for local authority departments. Much of work is supported by many volunteers who give their time and skills to help us deliver these services and without them much less would be achieved. 


The Sobriety Project provides activities for young people through its Big Lottery Reaching Communities funding and also through its alternative education packages for schools and local authorities.
The purpose of this project is to promote an understanding of the links between growing and eating healthy local food. The existing allotment project is used as a resource for involving the community in growing fresh produce and learning about food production.